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Keizo Shimizu's Needles

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We take a closer look at the styling from cult Tokyo brand Needles. Designer Keizo Shimizu the man behind Needles is also the owner of Nepenthes (started in 1988) which was a means of introducing made in USA goods to the Japanese market.
Kezio eventually became frustrated at the direction of the market and began creating things that he wanted to wear.
Thus in 1997 Needles was born.
Inspired by artist, actors, musicians and films. His designs flirt from Ivy League stylings to west coast hippie vibes and everything in between.  
Today there are several offshoots of the brand, the sportswear range of tracksuits and the Rebuild range of clothes that are crafted from vintage pieces that are deconstructed and rebuilt into new creations.

Needles Reversible Field Jacket

Needles Reversible Field Jacket

Needles Track Suit Jacket

Needles H.D Pant

Needles Track Pants

Needles Tracksuit

Needles Asymmetric Ghillie Sneakers

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