Nanamica: Rugged Ivy Style

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Nanamica has been making rugged outdoor clothing since 2003. Under the stewardship of designer Eiichiro Homma (also of Purple Label North Face fame), the brand excels at creating well-tailored and clean looking garments, that are crafted from cutting edge technical fabrics. Creating a collection that unifies the functional concept of sportswear with standard clothing.


Nanamica Crusier Jacket

Gore-Tex 5 Panel Cap 

Cruiser Jacket Yellow Beige

Nanamica Crazy Wind Shirt

Crazy Wind Shirt  

Nanamica Rugged Sweater

Rugger Sweater

Nanamica Alpha Dry Suit

Alpha Dry Jacket

Alpha Dry Pant

Nanamica Packable Cruiser Jacket

Packable Cruiser

Cool-Max Beanie  

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