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Lady White Co is a small independant brand from Los Angeles. They happen to make some of the best white t-shirts on the market. We got to ask the man behind the brand Phillip Proyce a few questions about his brand manafacturing process and why t-shirts?

 Phillip Proyce from Lady White Co


So firstly could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?

Phillip Proyce, 27, reside in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Designer/founder of Lady White Co. 

Can you tell us how Lady White Co started and the aim of the brand?

I started the brand with the intention to make one good T-shirt with a focus on fabric and fit. The California origin also played a big role in our ethos. Trying to make good staple pieces with unconventional layering options. 

Why were you drawn to T-Shirts in particular?

The T-shirt always felt like the backbone of sportswear for me. When I first started collecting vintage clothing, T's were the only thing I could afford. 

 Lady White Co

All your manufacturing happens within the state of California. Was that a conscious decision to keep everything local?

Yeah one of the main reasons I started Lady White was too make a T-shirt 100% California made. I didn't want to use imported fabric and just have the sewing finished in LA. I set out to have the jersey knit here along with other trim like our woven labels and even packaging. Keeping everything local keeps me connected to all steps in the supply chain. I love it, most of my day is out on the road visiting all my vendors and overseeing the production. The best feeling is getting to see your design grow into a real product. 

You have a background in skating. I was wondering if this influences the brand? ie how much does the function of the garment come into play during the designprocess?

Skating is not really apart of the brand but it naturally bleeds its way in. Skateboarding was my first intro into style and clothing in general. When I was young I always tried to imitate the older guys style and eventually you grow into your own. Years of skating and seeing such unique individuals definitely influences my design process now. Function and range of movement is always a focus, I guess skating does influence me in some way or another. 


Lady White Co Clarke Pocket Tee


You run a shop in LA called County Ltd, can you tell us about that?

So the shop is basically the flagship for Lady White and my friends interiors brand called Counter-Space. Myself and three friends set up the shop to offer mens clothing and homewares. We were kinda bored with the traditional mens store and wanted to offer something new.

 Any last words?

Thanks for stocking our clothing, couldn't do this without shops and people like you guys

Shop the Lady White Co. Collection here

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