Paraboot Women's Coraux Marine Lisse Noir

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Size UK 4

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This shoe features Blake stitching, also known as the sewn-through technique. In 1858 the young shoemaker Lyman Reed Blake invented this process while working for the sewing machine manufacturer Singer. It brought greater lightness to the shoe as well as elegance and flexibility. The upper is fixed directly to the outsole by means of an assembly stitching that runs through the outsole. The Blake welt models are light and flexible, and even more on a rubber sole. The visual of the shoe is finer than a Goodyear construction. However, from a technical point of view, durability and impermeability are less than with Norwegian or Goodyear construction.

  • 100% Plain Leather upper
  • Homogeneous skin pressed with a smooth, warm plate. 
  • 100% Vulcanised rubber sole 
  • Made in Spain