Papa Nui Army Denim Hat

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The Army Denim hat is Papa Nui's take on the M1937. 
Not a Daisy Mae shape at all,  the M1937 was a unique piece that was part of the early Blue Denim work uniform during the 1930s and into the 1940s before being replaced by OD herringbone twill. It features a smaller horizontal band and is wider in the brim than the later OD version. The fabric chosen for this piece is a wonderful Japanese milled Indigo cotton and linen mix. The linen adds surface interest with little slubs and the indigo dye has a sulfur cast when washed back. This cast emulates 1940s color which had a slightly grey hue, this was because the Indigo dye was processed using petroleum-derived by-products, and as petroleum was rationed for the war effort many denim manufacturers used a synthetic process instead to preserve resources. The synthetic dyes lacked the rich lustre of traditional indigo.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Indigo-dyed Japanese denim 
  • M = 57-59 cm
  • L = 50- 61 cm
  • XL =  61- 62 cm
  • Made in Japan