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orSlow: new vintage

Posted by Chris Low on

New arrivals from Japan's orSlow always gets us excited here at the shop. Ichiro Nakatsu takes inspiration from his archival vintage collection and creates pieces loosely inspired by the past.

Everything is made on period-correct machines and crafted from custom fabrics and hardware which gives the garments a distinctly orSlow touch. The best way to describe orSlow to the uninitiated is that it's like if you found that long sought after vintage item, only it's actually brand new and you are the first person to get to wear it. 

Some of our favourites from this season are the New Yorker in water-resistant nylon and the classic 1980s era hiking-inspired Fleece Vest. 

orSlow Fleece Vest

orSlow New Yorker Pant

orSlow US Army Hat

orSlow US Army Shirt

orSlow US Army Shirt

orSlow 105 90s denim

orSlow Work Shirt

orSlow Easy Cargo

orSlow Work Shirt

Shot by Magic Birds Of Jordan 

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