A-3A (Test Modified)
A-3A (Test Modified)
A-3A (Test Modified)
A-3A (Test Modified)

Papa Nui A-3A Test Modified

The latest from Papa Nui is the A-3A (Test modified). The progression of all things is essential, form follows functions, old lines are renewed and our A-3 is reworked. The fabric remains the same. The backbone of the Army Air forces the M-1941 Herringbone Twill light shade OD #5 is rugged, hefty, and durable and able to withstand the rigors of action on the new frontiers of weapons testing. A construction makeover creates a cap of unparalleled beauty with a revised visor of an all-natural canvas liner resulting in a superior hold and allowing for more customized styling options to suit your individual expression. A nomenclature tag of printed cotton nominates this cap for service and the hand-inked ‘A’ designates its use for the testing facilities of the Manhattan Cap Project.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Herringbone Twill
  • Canvas visor liner 
  • M = 57-59 cm
  • L = 50- 61 cm
  • XL =  61- 62 cm
  • Made in Japan